Every fisherman has hidden secrets from the bait they use, to of course the secret fishing spot. My family may not acknowledge my presence anymore after this but I want to share some of my favorite spots to fish for Walleye in CNY.


Walleye season opens up the first Saturday in May, and lucky for us that is this Friday night, Saturday morning. Every year I go out and cast out opening night at midnight in hopes I’ll catch something more than a big stick fish. Here’s my top favorite spots to fish for the legendary Walleye here in CNY.

 3) Oneida Lake at Sylvan Beach

 This place isn’t a hidden secret but you’ll catch great Walleye in CNY at the spot where Sylvan Beach and Oneida Lake meet. You can cast off right at the canal, or if you’re lucky enough to have a boat, go right out on Oneida Lake. The area close to the beach is a goldmine for Walleye. Oneida Lake is a great place to get Walleye altogether but this spot at the beach is great. Take Route 13 into Sylvan Beach, and turn off at the Amusement Park and cast out and catch a big one.

2) Corner of Route 49 / Old Route 49 in Vienna

If you leave Sylvan Beach and head on Route 49 towards Rome you’ll cross a spot where Old Route 49 is, this spot is a goldmine for great Walleye in CNY. I’ve been fishing here for several years and always grab a couple great fish. This spot also has a lot of Trout too, so it’s a win-win. Park your car on Old Route 49, and walk out in Front of the old tree that is there. If you cast out in the River in front of the tree you’ll catch some great Walleye.


1) Blossvale Road Bridge in Blossvale NY

Growing up this was the spot my Dad took us every year for opening night for Walleye fishing, The Bridge on Blossvale Road. This spot is a gold mine for great fishing. Farther up the river from Oneida Lake in Blossvale NY, The Blossvale Road Bridge is a great spot for Walleye and Trout. I caught my first Walleye at this spot. Make sure you stay on the right side of the bridge though, another side is private property.

Where do you usually catch the best fish Walleye in CNY?

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