The free fishing days for the state of New York for 2018 are coming up fast. The free fishing dates for 2018 so far are: June 23-24, September 22, and November 11th as posted by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

This is a great time to take a first-time fisherman out as you don't need a license during the free fishing dates in the waters of New York State. Keep in mind that all other freshwater fishing regulations still apply.

We sometimes forget it's not only a great time for kids to be introduced to the sport of fishing by a Grandparent. Maybe a family member hasn't fished in a long time, this would be a good time to fish and remember how much fun it is to fish.

This might be the best time to take your spouse fishing you never know they may really like fishing. Here is an idea, how about you take your grandparents fishing, it might have been years since a grandparent has gone fishing. What a great time to re-introduce them to the sport of fishing.

Bottom line here is borrowing some tackle from a friend and head for Oneida Lake.

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