I don't know if this will help with your frustration. Everybody has a job to do. You're trying to keep your driveway clear and the Highway Department is trying to keep the roads clear. It's a never ending battle I guess.

William Thomas Cain/GettyImages
William Thomas Cain/GettyImages

Now I need to make this perfectly clear. This is not one of my jobs at home. I watch this activity from inside the nice warm house with my furry family. This is not a worry of mine for the most part. It just gets taken care of for me. I watch my husband in the beat up, rusted out, windows won't open, doors won't open or close from the inside, no brakes, but has a yellow flashing light plow truck do the job. Ladies the man that proudly drives that truck is ALL MINE! LOL (It's a hysterically funny sight watching the process happen).

Back to the topic of helping out folks who do have to deal with the snow plow filling in the end of their driveway. I hope this helps a little with the ordeal.

It looks like more work, but if it does the trick than it's worth it. Just follow these easy steps he says. I don't think adding 10 feet to a big job would be easy. If you try this please let me know if it works. As for the old plow truck and the hubby. I really do appreciate not needing to worry about this. Thank you!

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