The sports video game industry is changing rapidly, and virtual reality is quickly becoming the way of the future for gamers across the world.

Soon, the days of holding a controller and facing a television screen will be a thing of the past. In the near future, sports fans will be able to don their virtual reality headset, grab their nunchucks, and play as their favorite players in first-person.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, NFL Pro Era.

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Introducing NFL Pro Era, an NFL VR Experience

Game developers Meta Quest and StatusPro have teamed up with the National Football League to create the first official NFL virtual reality video game experience. The league and the developers teamed up with star quarterback Lamar Jackson to develop the experience of being in the huddle, passing in the pocket and winning NFL football games.

So, now you can finally play as your favorite New York quarterbacks, from Josh Allen, to Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Lamar Jackson has helped usher in a new era of NFL video game / Getty Images

The reason you can play as these players, Jackson, and others, is because the game is officially licensed by the NFL Players' Association. So, the likenesses of NFL players can be used in this gaming experience. That said, the game only allows you to play as the quarterback, so you won't have the opportunity to run into your couch and coffee table trying to break one loose as Saquon Barkley.


The Benefits of Playing as a New York Quarterback

Depending on which New York quarterback you choose to play as, there are a number of different unique experiences that the average gamer will have.

Playing as Zach Wilson, you'll have to crane your head upward in order to make eye contact with your offensive linemen and wide receivers in the huddle. Once you get the snap, you'll have to jump up in order to see over the offensive line and defensive linemen.

Zach Wilson behind his offensive line / Getty Images
Zach Wilson behind his offensive line / Getty Images

If you're playing as Daniel Jones, it will appear as though the game is glitching. You'll either throw the ball to the other team, or be sacked before you get the opportunity to set your feet and throw.

So, the right answer for New York football fans, will be to play the game as Buffalo Bills' quarterback, Josh Allen. Your offensive line will protect you, and between Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis and Emmanuel Sanders, you'll have an abundance of opportunities to throw touchdowns and win games.

The game will be launching this fall on Meta Quest and Playstation VR headsets.

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