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Jets Beat Up Washington 34-20; Now 4-1
Chris Ivory rushed for 146 yards and a score, while Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two touchdowns and ran for another as the New York Jets knocked off Washington 34-20 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, improving to 4-1 on the season.
New York Jets Ship 350 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To London
When one travels, you try to be as comfortable as you possibly can be. You pack things that remind you of home, and hope you can find things where you are staying that will make you feel comfortable. The New York Jets took this to a whole new level. They packed at least 350 rolls of toilet paper to …
The Jets did not look good Sunday....
The New York Jets let Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles race out to a 24-0 lead before deciding to show up. But, the Jets' first loss hinged on two terrible plays - a boneheaded lateral-turned-fumble in the first half, and a bad penalty in the final minutes that prevented a final possessio…
Jets Force 5 Turnovers, Beat Browns 31-10
Todd Bowles probably couldn't have asked for a better head coaching debut. The defensive minded rookie coach saw his New York Jets defense force five turnovers, and his offense score four touchdowns in a home opening 31-10 win over the Browns.
Top 5 NFL Teams That Could Be Playoff Teams For 2015
The NFL offseason is approaching fast and the preseason begins shortly. The NFL draft was a couple months ago and each team got great pick-ups. Some picks gave some teams a chance having a super bowl title brought back to their home town. Here is my top 5 teams I can see re-entering the playoffs.

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