Trips to the Adirondacks are something than many New Yorkers plan each and every summer. There's nothing quite like the views that the mountains provide, as many hikes and treks are available to experience the beauty. There is one, however, that is quite underrated and is friendly for every hiking ability.

Credit: Jen Peckins via Google Maps

As you approach the destination you'll arrive at Shelving Rock Road, the road to the parking area. It is long, winding, and unpaved, but well maintained. At the end of the road over a small bridge, you'll come across the parking area. You'll need to walk back over the bridge and turn right onto the Shelving Rock Bay Trail. There is a sign indicating Shelving Rock Fall is only a half mile away.

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As you're walking the short trail, you'll soon see the sight of the falls on the right. If you're in the mood to hike some more, there are a few different side trails that you can explore around the falls, including a path that goes directly to Lake George.

Credit: Eric Potter via Google Maps

Keep in mind, although this is a waterfall and there is a small pool of water at the bottom - it isn't necessarily suitable for cliff diving or swimming. Many who have swam there previously have said that it is a very strong current. If you're feeling adventurous and decide to get in the water, keep that in mind as it could lead to injury or even death. Also, be aware of slippery rocks.

Credit: Snigdha Rayabarapu via Google Maps

If you're looking for a short little adventure in the great outdoors that is good for all ages, this is it. You can find out more details about what Shelving Rock Falls, and surrounding trails have to offer here.

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