Recently I posted a video of Louis C.K. challenging us in a funny way about an epidemic that has been flanking us since the internet came into being. As much as I laughed, I knew he was spot on and here's the science as to why most of us are as hooked on social media now as we are to electricity and plumbing.



Talk about irony, is there a big light bulb over your head the same as mine? I've got some 2300+ Facebook friends and I'd be hard-pressed to name even 20 of them that I know intimately much less 150, nor do I think that we were really built to KNOW that many people anyway. I could go on forever about both the things I see on my newsfeed day to day or defending my own uses of social media, but another related thought just occurred to me...


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I constantly wonder why one generation is always skeptical of those that follow and always looks like a stick in the mud to progress. I used to think that I'd be one of the tolerant ones, always on the cutting edge, but the older I get the more I see myself becoming belligerent and obstinate to the ways of kids these days or music these days or fill in the blank for 'whatever' these days. Maybe each generation that has gone before us may've had a legitimate gripe after all and it's not just because things are so 'different' from what they used to be.


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It occurs to me that with each technological advance that we make as a society, with every problem we solve, there is always some unseen cost to us that we don't notice until it's too late or maybe even never. In this case, even though we interpreted the comments of those that came before us as crankiness or stupidity or bull-headedness, maybe they just didn't know how to get across to us that they were literally psychic time travelers that could see into the future. Their message is always the same regardless of the issue: a caution to not accidentally replace ourselves with some kind of less organic counterfeit in the midst of our constant and human need to explore. Kinda funny that while following our human wiring that we inevitably become less human in the process... Or how about the irony that I'm sharing a video challenging social media ALL OVER social media?

Now, get off of my lawn... :P