You've probably seen the hashtag "First World Problems" on social media. It's the same idea, but with problems that we have to deal with specifically in our area.
Myspace Emailing Users Old Embarrassing Photos
Remember that ancient website called Myspace? No we aren't talking about Facebook, we are talking about the Facebook before Facebook. Myspace misses EVERYONE. They are so desperate for you to even acknowledge their existence in 2014 by emailing you embarrassing photos.
#MyNYPD Twitter Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong
What started as an idea to show the best of the NYPD, ended with police brutality pictures flooding twitter. The campaign, using #myNYPD was meant to feature photos of officers helping the public, but they got more than they asked for.
Mets Matt Harvey Twitter Flap
I understand he's kinda tired of being cooped up in rehab and wants to do more than just watch Mets baseball, but the Matt Harvey drama over silliness is starting to concern me.

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