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You've probably seen the hashtag "First World Problems" on social media. It's the same idea, but with problems that we have to deal with specifically in our area.
Facebook Observes 10th Anniversay Today
Facebook, the social media site is 10 years old today! No way! It seems like it's only been around a couple of years, and many of us have just recently signed on. What was life like before Facebook? To begin with, you probably mailed photos of your kids to family members, or sent friends a post…
Social Media Experiments - 'Facebook In Real Life'
Do you remember what life was like before Facebook and Twitter and even Myspace and AOL messenger before that? Kinda makes you wonder how we all got by without being ENORMOUSLY connected like we are now. I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook and admittedly, I've never even MET probably a good T…

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