YouTube to Begin Charging for Ad Free Viewing
The world's biggest and most popular video website, YouTube, is planning on developing a version of the existing website for paid subscribers. Like Pandora, they will offer an ad-free viewing experience and they will offer some exclusive content that people can pay for. The question is will the…
Meet Singer, Sam Robson - The One Man Acapella Choir
You may've heard of the gospel six-man Grammy winning acapella group, 'Take 6' back in the 80's and 90's but that was then, THIS is now! I saw this video with a crazy-haired guy singing 'Take 6-esque' harmony all by himself and it absolutely FLOORED me.
AC/DC Sung by 12 Year Old – Best of YouTube
Looking for dirty deeds done dirt cheap? Well, you might be in luck -- especially if you live in a state where there are relaxed child labor laws. In the clip above, 12-year-old singer Brooks Paul belts out a convincing version of the AC/DC classic with his band -- but if you're looking to hire…

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