More YouTube Vocal Magic
Exactly one month ago we met a guy who is what is known as a multi-tracker, someone who takes a tune and sings every single conceivable vocal inside a song and then overdubs it all together... Today, we meet another one
One Man - 8 Voices!
You may've heard of the gospel six-man Grammy winning acapella group, 'Take 6' back in the 80's and 90's but that was then, THIS is now! I saw this video with a crazy-haired guy singing 'Take 6-esque' harmony all by himself and it absolutely FLOORED me.
Social Media = Loneliness?
Recently I posted a video of Louis C.K. challenging us in a funny way about an epidemic that has been flanking us since the internet came into being. As much as I laughed, I knew he was spot on and here's the science as to why most of us are as hooked on social media

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