The Bethesda Twitch account recently broadcast this 60 minutes of gameplay for their upcoming scarefest, The Evil Within, as part of their Bethesda Twitchworks series.

This hour of Evil gameplay, driven by Bethesda PR guru Pete Hines, has just about everything you'd expect: horror, blood, guns and some gruesome deaths. At one point we see a puzzle involving a probe in someone's brain, a shotgun blast to the back and some of the scariest door-opening sequences since the first Resident Evil. The whole game looks like a terrific return to survival horror of old, and that makes us pretty excited.

On another note, we're down with publishers giving extended previews of their games on Twitch and YouTube like this. Nothing can convince the gaming masses to play your game like seeing actual gameplay, and stuff like what Bethesda is doing is just the way to handle it. Imagine if E3 demos streamed on Twitch once or twice during the big show, that would be insane.

The Evil Within launches October 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Hopefully The Evil Within will be as creepy as these moments from Resident Evil.