Many times, on Facebook, people will post a picture of a haunted house and ask the question “Would you spend the night here?”  My answer typically is “Absolutely I would!”  These places just don’t scare me, sorry, they just don’t.

But this would…

Let’s venture to Bastrop TX.  Ever heard of it?  Maybe not, but it just happens to be the home of the scariest gas station in the history of pop culture.  Heard of it yet?  No?  Well, it just happens to be the gas station from thriller movie ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’.  Yep, the place is being restored and the good news (or bad news) is, you can actually spend the night there.  Yikes!

The owners have announced that they plan to bring it back to its original appearance that it had in the movie.  I know it is just a movie prop, however, if you recall this movie at all, I’m sure it would still send shivers down your spine to have a sleepover there.  I know it would freak me out.  How about you?

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