The second big DLC expansion to the popular first-person shooter, Destiny, will be launching on May 19, and Bungie has released a new (and predictable) trailer to get us hyped for it.

Activision and Bungie have announced that Destiny's second big expansion, 'House of Wolves' will be launching for all versions of the game on May 19. The game's previous expansion, 'The Dark Below,' launched on Dec. 9 and added a higher maximum level, new missions, three new Crucible maps, a new Strike, and a new Raid. 'House of Wolves' will likely be doing the same thing, but with a larger focus on the Fallen and the Awoken's betrayal (that we saw coming a mile away). The Reef, which was only used for cinematic sequences, will now become a playable area.

We really hope that 'House of Wolves' addresses many of the issues that plagued Destiny. Unfortunately, we have a feeling there won't be any major gameplay changes, as this expansion is a focus on new content and not revamping the game where it needs it most. We still wish we could control our spaceships in flight and wish they did something more than just alter the loading screens. The same goes for Sparrows, which are crazy fun to fly on, but there's not much else to do with them. We'd love for Sparrow racing, the ability to use them in The Tower, or some kind of event where you can shoot from your Sparrow in a fast-paced hunt.

More importantly, Destiny's story needs major work. While its premise and lore is interesting, having jargon and lore-filled dialogue with no way of comprehending what anything means except going online and looking up Grimmoire Cards is a chore. There should be an in-game codex (a la Mass Effect) that explains what everything is so we can actually care about what happens.

'House of Wolves' will launch May 19 on all versions of the Destiny for the price of $19.99. It will be the final piece of content included in Destiny's $34.99 Expansion Pass. The previous expansion, 'The Dark Below,' currently costs $19.99 as well.

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