Social media is a good way to get a job. It's an even better way to lose one.

A teenager in Texas who goes by the Twitter handle @Cella_ lost her job at a pizza place after she tweeted "Ew I start this (expletive) job tomorrow" last week.

The tweet has been removed, but a screen shot popped up:

Robert Waple, who owns Jet's Pizza in the town of Mainsfield, was not pleased with that comment, so he responded by firing her over the social networking site, writing, " you don't start that job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!"

Cella seems totally okay with the development:

Strangely, it appears as if Waple has removed all of his tweets since then.

Even stranger, Cella appears to have become the focal point in this scandal, with some people tweeting support and telling her she's famous in different parts of the world, while some are applauding Waple's swift decision to terminate her:

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