Its official, TMZ is reporting that Randy Jackson is leaving the judges table of American Idol but he will remain on as a “mentor”.


Some concerns are arising that Jackon is not suited for the mentor role. Many feel they need him on the Judges table because he's the glue that helps keep the show together. But remember, everyone thought that about Simon too.

As for his replacement sources tell us Nicki Minaj's deal is 99% done ut still not a sure thing just yet. We're told the honchos are keenly aware Mariah Carey isn't a fan of Minaj and doesn't want her at the table ... a fact producers LOVE because they think the conflict and tension will be good for the show. And we now know A.I. will once again go with a 4th judge.


Get the full story from TMZ here.



Who would you like as a judge on Idol? Let us know below with your comments.


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