While researching for this series it became quite difficult to narrow down just 10 stories because the legacy that surrounds us is actually much richer than just a couple handfuls of successful athletes or inspiring events. I'm very likely gonna expand this series at a later date but for now, I'm gonna use the final spot in the series to send you off to explore more on your own. How about making a field trip to one or all of our halls of fame?

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    The Hall of Fame of Halls of Fame. Baseball's most hallowed ground is located in the small scenic Otsego County village of Cooperstown. Bonus - located across the county in Oneonta is the Soccer Hall of Fame.

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    Located right off the New York State Thruway in Canastota, the boxing hall of fame has inducted some of the biggest names in the sport like Ali, Foreman and Hearns. The annual parade of legends though town is a locals' secret.

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    Pro Wrestling


    Upstate New York is home to some very well known grapplers like Mick Foley and Jim Duggan. See members of the 'Cauliflower Club' at the annual induction ceremonies.

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    Distance Running - Utica


    Utica is home to the largest 15K road race in America, the Boilermaker. We also house the nation's largest repository of distance racing memorabilia and records at the Genesee Street hall of fame that is also known for the annual "Boilermaker Countdown Clock"

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    Rome Sports Hall of Fame


    The Rapid Roman, the exploits of RFA athletes and more await you at the Rome Sports Hall of Fame.

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