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An Outsiders Utica Greens Recipe
We stumbled across this great recipe for Utica Greens. But it turns out this guy doesn't even live here! It looks like he might actually be from the area originally. Either way, he's giving love for our Utica Greens from afar.
Bloggers Tour Utica
Chris Clemens is the guy behind the popular blog "Exploring Upstate." Recently he and his friend, Chris Lindstrom, took a trip to Utica. It has been their desire for a long time to drive in to town and sample some of the most iconic dishes created and only served in our fair city. …
Riggies, Greens & Rock Returns
For the second year Riggies, Greens & Rock returns to The Stanley Theater on Sunday, October 11th. It's a celebration of great music and two of Utica's favorite dishes. This is the one event where you can sample several of Central New York's best restaurants'  variat…
Raspberries Wins!
I've never seen so many lead changes in a week-long contest before but I shouldn't be surprised as if there's one thing Uticans dig, it's food! After the dust settled this morning, Raspberries emerged victorious with just over 40% of the 11,300+ votes cast!
Papa Joes Greens!
I was expecting Papa Joe to walk in, but turns out there is no Papa Joe, or rather he is in fact several people, two of which I met today: the owner, Bob Markeson and his head chef, Brian Strilka.

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