How's your garden growing? Need a little expert guidance? Utica Greens can help.

Utica Greens is a not-for-profit organization established by Emily Moschowits, a 2016 graduate of Hamilton College. Emily has a Biology and Food Studies degree and has been working on Utica food issues since her freshman year. She's part of a post graduate social innovation fellowship with the College and works closely with Cornelle Cooperative Extention.

The Utica Greens Mission Statement:

Cultivating community and local food through urban agriculture.
We wish to bring people together through food. Activities such as gardening and educational programming will strengthen the community enabling us to come together over the shared bonds of a nutritious and delicious meal.

Check out their nutritious cooking classes. They teach simple tricks and tips to a healthier you. Eat Smart NY nutritionists help you eat better for less, and they're free to SNAP recipients

Check out their website for events, to join, donate or volunteer.

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