snow storms

Ride To West Winfield In Storm
Before any of the travel bans due to Stella 2017, I get a call from my husband telling me how bad the road conditions are and he's coming to get me at the Eagle Studio because he doesn't want me driving during the storm.
Remember Snowvember
It was this time last year when the National Weather Service issued at storm warning for Buffalo. NOAA predicted up to 2 1/2 feet of lake effect snow.
Know In The Snow
Now that we've had a few snowstorms this season, you know you can count on 96.1 WODZ "Stormwatch" for the latest weather related information. Keith James has up-to-the minute school closings, delays, weather and road conditions every morning, and the rest of the day, we keep you posted on …
Time Lapse Snowfall
Living in Central New York for the past two decades, I'm really not sure why we all flip out when any amount of snow falls. I for one, love the way it looks while falling, the way it looks as it blankets everything in sight