Here we go, time to prepare for the big impending snow storm. 

With Spring a week away it's hard to believe that we're expecting more than a foot of snow in this slow-moving Nor'easter. All of CNY will be under a Winter Storm Warning by the end of the day as the National Weather Service reports snow arriving after 11 PM tonight making the morning commute tricky.

With that said here are a few things we need to make this 'Stella snow event' a safe one.

  • Stock up on rock salt or sand.
  • Have shovels ready to clear walkways every few hours, so you don't hurt your back or overexert and create other health problems.
  • Make sure you have gas in your car, the snow blower, and the snow plow.
  • Bring in wood or pellets now, and ensure that you have enough fuel oil.
  • Stock up on batteries, candles, matches, and blankets in case you lose power.
  • Have your cell phones and electronic devices charged with another power source if possible.
  • Have a healthy supply of food that doesn't have to be cooked. You can make snacks like popcorn now.

Please remember to stay off the roads if possible and let the professional clearing the roads attend to their jobs safely. It's good to know when this storm will hit and giving us plenty of time to prepare for it.

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