mountain dew

A New Breakfast Drink
Remember when Taco Bell started selling a breakfast drink that was made up of Mountain Dew and orange juice? Well it appears that Mountain Dew is messing around with juice and breakfast once again. Later this month Mountain Dew will be introducing the world to a whole new drink called Kickstart. Here’s the facts about Mountain Dew Kickstart.
5 Forgotten Mountain Dew Flavors
Mountain Dew/Facebook Taco Bell has come up with a breakfast juice for champions; Mountain Dew A.M. It’s part of their new breakfast menu. Mountain Dew A.M mixes Mountain Dew soda with Tropicana orange juice. Does that possible sound good at all? Or will this new flavor be another flop for Mountain Dew?
Mountain Dew Naming Contest Becomes a ‘Mountain Don’t’
To grab some more of that should-you-really-be-drinking-this market share, the makers of Mountain Dew have come up with a new green apple flavor. To promote this new flavor, they’ve been having an online contest to name it. But, it seems that someone has hijacked DubtheDew, most likely leading to extended marketing meetings at The Dew and some corporate input on name entries.
Man Files Lawsuit Against Mousey Mountain Dew
I drink Mountain Dew just as much as the next guy. On our staff I think Bob Cain drinks the most. Around our office, every corner he has a new bottle in his hands. God bless you morning people! However, in my many years of drinking soda I’ve never had this happen.
Mouse Found In Mountain Dew
PepsiCo, the maker of Mountain Dew, is being sued by a Wisconsin man who claims to have found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. Ronald Ball claims that in 2009 he purchased a can of Mountain Dew from a vending machine. Ball says the soda tasted foul so he dumped the contents of the can, which included a dead mouse,  into a styrofoam cup...