Baja Blast, the greatest Mountain Dew flavor only available at Taco Bell has the left the bell, and it's on it's way to stores nationwide. So far locally here in Utica, we found Baja Blast at HCCC.

On May 5th, our friend Eryc James found these bad boys at the HCCC campus in Herkimer. Other than the college, you can find 12 packs at Walmart, bottles at local gas stations, and even Family Dollar is hooking you up with the Dew.

Eryc James/Facebook
Eryc James/Facebook

According to The Huffington Post, this drink of the God's is currently being sold in bottle form for a limited time. Hopefully that limited time means FOREVER.

Baja Blast was developed exclusively for Taco Bell 10 years ago. Brandt said the drink's citrus flavor pairs well with the chain's food. The soda and snack food company says it's planning a national TV ad for the drink, which will be available for a limited time starting May 5."

Have you been able to find it in other places?


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