PepsiCo, the maker of Mountain Dew, is being sued by a Wisconsin man who claims to have found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. Ronald Ball claims that in 2009 he purchased a can of Mountain Dew from a vending machine. Ball says the soda tasted foul so he dumped the contents of the can, which included a dead mouse,  into a styrofoam cup. Ball sent the mouse to Pepsi which destroyed the rodents remains. Ball is suing for more than $50,000 in damages.

Now pay attention, because this where it gets complicated!

Pepsi says there is no way a dead mouse could be in a can of Mountain Dew. Why? Because the soft drink would have destroyed it:

PepsiCo bought in their own vet pathologist to testify that the mouse Ball claims to have found could not have been in the can at the time of sealing and shipping in April of 2008. The vet stated that the acid in the Mountain Dew would have disinigated the rodents body,turning it into a jelly like substance. -
So if the contents of Mountain Dew are strong enough to dissolve a mouse, what are they doing to the insides of humans who drink the soda?

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