hot air balloon

Kansas Heard Our Story
Last week a story exploded in Utica about a balloon landing that many surmised must've been an emergency landing. Turns out that this is totally routine and after we aired the story, word quickly spread to the ballooning community worldwide
Balloon Pilot Speaks!
Did you hear about that balloon that landed in someone's back yard on Oneida St? The owners weren't even home, but naturally a crowd drew anyway including myself and my family. I tracked down the pilot, Dwight Cramer of Airborne Adventures and got him in studio
Hot Air Balloon Landing!
So, my family and I are enjoying some goodies at the Ice Cream Factory when we notice a hot air balloon way up in the humid sky and as we're watching, we realize it's getting closer and closer
Orleans At Balloonfest!
What two things draw people in droves to the Jamesville Balloonfest for 35 years straight? One of course is the balloons and the other has to be the music. The balloons were grounded due to weather so the attendees that stuck around were there to watch Orleans
How Safe Are They?
On the heels of the worst-of-it's-kind balloon tragedy in Luxor, Egypt it naturally begs the question in many of our minds about the safety of hot air balloon flying. While our knee-jerk reaction is to breathe a sigh of relief that we're on the ground, the fact is you're actually more likely to get hit by a car walking to your next destination than you are to be an unlucky passenger on a doomed ba