This is a big year for the Adirondack Balloon Fest, 45 years. This years balloon fest will take place this September.

It will be a very busy weekend September 21st  to the 24th. Mass ascensions, weather permitting, Saturday and Sunday mornings 6:30 to 7:30 AM with flights of up to 100 balloons taking place at the Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, in Queensbury, New York. Save the date and take the whole family.

If you have never flown in a hot air balloon that should be on your bucket list. I was lucky to fly in the Mickey Mouse Balloon a number of years back. The same balloon that was flown over RED SQUARE in Moscow Russia. I have one of the Mickey Mouse Balloon pins to show for my trip. This memory will be with me as long as I live, do yourself a big favor take the time to fly in a hot air balloon a trip you will never forget.

The pilot pretty much goes up and down using the burners and tries to work the thermals for left and right direction. This is really incredible as the balloon is moving at the speed of the wind so there is no feeling of movement by the balloon. In fact, if you don't  look at the ground you would think the balloon isn't moving at all. The view is nothing short of amazing.




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