Is Sylvan Beach Amusement Park Haunted?
Have you ever been to Sylvan Beach amusement park? I remember as a kid the haunted house had to be the scariest thing I've ever seen. However, as an adult the park is filled with a lot of frights as well. Reports are that the park is haunted with 3 different ghosts.
Is Union Train Station In Utica Haunted?
The Haunted Rails Ghost Train is coming up on October 25th and will depart from Union Station in Utica and take our guests on the tracks up to the Remsen Depot in Remsen. However, before we even go ghost hunting up North will you experience any paranormal beings in Utica? You may.
Ghost Of The Pitcher Hotel
Can you imagine finding the woman of your dreams, spending the night with her dancing, and the next morning finding out she was a ghost? That's exactly what happens when you pick up Zella Droff on the way to The Pitcher Hotel.
Sterling Road Haunting
We've covered a handful of roads in Central New York reported as haunted by ghosts, and other creep creatures. Have you heard about the haunted road in Durhamville called Sterling Road? It's just outside of Sylvan Beach.

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