New York is home to apples, amazing craft beer, and the House Of Death. Believe if or not, New York has one of the most haunted houses in the country.

Luckily, New York's "House Of Death" is not in Central New York, or even Upstate New York. You will find this property at 14 West 10th Street in New York City.

It is reported that over 22 spirits lurk inside this townhouse. One of the most famous ghosts you may find inside is Mark Twain, who resided there from 1900-1901. Mark Twain documented a number of supernatural experiences that he had.

A Greek Revival home, “Number 14” was built during the late 1850s in the favorable area of Washington Square Park. Before landing its infamous name, the brownstone was home to many members of New York’s elite, including Mrs. James Boorman Johnston whose husband had been a founding member of the Metropolitan Underground Railroad and the Broadway Underground Railroad.

In 1900, the building became the favorite residence of author Samuel Clemens (or more notably, Mark Twain.) Despite only living there for a little over a year, his spirit seems to have stuck around a bit longer. Sightings of Twain decked in a white suit have been reported on the first floor and near the staircase."

The home has a pretty dark history. Throughout the twentieth century there have been murders at the home. The most famous of which include a murder suicide and a six year old girl (Lisa Steinberg) who was beaten to death by her adoptive father Joel Steinberg in 1987.

Multiple paranormal teams have experienced several incidents inside the home.

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