Do you ever get the feeling that your truck may be haunted? Maybe you're not alone.

A teenager named Troy Vance in Ohio now thinks his truck may be haunted after he took a photo of the vehicle and noticed what appears to be the ghost of a child sitting in the front seat.

An aspiring nature photographer, Troy Vance told a British media outlet that the eerie image was initially intended to just be a picture of a sunset which he found particularly breathtaking. However, when he later looked at the photo, Vance was stunned to see a spooky visage staring out from the inside of the truck.

Rumor has it that the spirit may be a child drowned in this local lake back in the early 1900's. Intrigued by the paranormal, Troy actually went so far as to perform a ghost hunt, of sorts, inside the vehicle using a spirit box.

During a simple paranormal investigation, a number of strange things happened including; an inexplicable perfume smell, odd shadows moving across the truck's window, and an unexplained thud as if something had hit the vehicle.

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