charlie brown

Voice Of Charlie Brown Arrested
If I said to you the name Peter Robbins you'd probably have no idea who I was talking about. If I said his character “Charlie Brown” I bet you would perk right up. However, I'm not saying his name because it's good news to report on. Robbins, who provided the orginal voice of Charlie Brown, was arre…
Charlie Brown A Bad Example?
Probably the very very very last person that anyone would ever want to ask if Charlie Brown is a bad influence on our kids, is this Central New York midday radio show host we know as Chip Douglas.
“Peanuts” On The Way To The Big Screen
Have you heard the news?  No one could be more excited than the Chipster.  Charlie Brown and the gang making their way to the big screen  in 2015, just in time for “Peanuts” 65th anniversary of making their appearance in the funny papers.