bath salts

Zombie Face-eating Victim
It's been a whole year since the majority of us learned what bath salts were and we did so when we heard of a homeless guy, Ronald Poppo whose face was eaten off by a naked and high Rudy Eugene. Well, Ronald is still alive and well but has had multiple reconstructive surgeries to his face
John McAfee Wanted For Murder
Maybe your copy of McAfee anti-virus software should've also included firewall protection from it's inventor because yes, John McAfee has apparently gone batty and allegedly offed someone and not because they're a Mac user.
Bath Salts & Beyond: Man Fights Drug With Shirt
Central New York is known for a lot of things. Whether it be chicken riggies, half-moon cookies or being the 31st exit along the Thruway; we have an identity.
But, lately the area has encountered a new, unfortunate connection; the use of a horrifying and dangerous drug called ‘bath salts...
Marcy Man High On Bath Salts
So if you were thinking the Zombie apocalypse would never hit Utica, you may be wrong. If the zombie apocalypse is born from bath salts watch out. Authorities say a Marcy man tried to attack his neighbor and tried to steal her car while he was high on salts.
12 Signs You’re High on ‘Bath Salts’
The “Miami Face Eater” has raised new concerns about a problem that has gone relatively unnoticed in America, and the weird part is that it ISN’T face eating.
Apparently, a street drug called “bath salts,” a combination of three …