5 Things To Check On your Gas Grill
Normally we would be talking about firing up the grill and getting ready for grilling season. Since this is the winter that won't leave and the spring that won't show up we're running a little behind so let's go through a quick five things to do list
Best Utica Food Trucks
Nothing says summer like mouth-watering barbecue favorites, and delicious foods on the go. Here's some of the best food trucks for all that in the Utica and Central New York area...
Chicken On The Grill With ‘Greg On The Go’ [VIDEO]
Things are getting a bit more interesting on the McShea family grill these days. I've branched out these days from hamburgers and hot dogs to chicken! Alright, cooking chicken on the grill isn't exactly living on the edge, but chicken is a little more tricky to get right! Thankfully, my father gave …
‘Greg On The Go’ – Grilling Hot Sausage [VIDEO]
So far this season, I've been grilling easy foods like hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks. But over the weekend, I advanced to hot sausage. Even though grilling hot sausage links or patties is still easy, you have to make sure they're cooked well without burning them. Watch this latest editio…
Barbecue Some Ribs [VIDEO]
'Tis the grilling and barbecue season, and our "Chef Greg" recipe researchers have found another great how-to video. Remember the old rule: Grilling (hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, etc...) hot and fast, barbecuing (ribs, chicken, beef tenderloin roasts...etc), slow and low.

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