Normally we would be talking about firing up the grill and getting ready for grilling season. Since this is the winter that won't leave and the spring that won't show up we're running a little behind so let's go through a quick five things to do list. This holds true even if you are one of those people, like my neighbor, that grills all winter, even in a snowstorm.

Check the propane lines from the tank to the burners. You're looking for any holes or cracks in the lines. If there is any doubt just replace the lines. Better safe than sorry.

I use a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray it on from top to bottom and let soak, then use a wire brush and start at the top and work your way to the bottom. I stay away from soap, too hard to get all of the soap residues out. It almost seems clean until you try to wash off the soap easier to just use something other than soap.

Sometimes you learn things the hard way I know I do. Time to empty the grease trap under the grill. You should clean this tray at the beginning of the season then again half way thru the season, don't try to move your grill before you clean out the grease trap Remember movement and grease traps don't mix well.

Just about ready to go. This is a good time to do a test run. Start the grill and check for leaks or any loose fittings. Shut down the grill and fix any fittings you may have found.

Finally get one of those Grill Gauges, the ones that tell you how much propane you have left in your tank. They run around $12 - 13 bucks but you'll never run out of gas again.


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