A recent study suggests that Central New York attitudes may be the product of our climate more than that of a natural disposition.

I say the lack of sunshine in winter months and sometimes the rain in spring and fall gets a little tiring at the very least. Well, there is a new study that suggests that growing up in a warm climate makes people a little more agreeable and emotionally stable. Right about this time you're saying to yourself, there is a great argument for moving south, where's the u-haul?

The study that was done says the climate has a direct effect on how we work well with others. The study contends that people raised in colder climates have the tendency to be more cranky and neurotic. While the study found people raised in warmer climates scored higher in agreeableness, emotional stability and a general openness to experiences.

I was starting to disagree with the study and thought how many times have you heard people say that  New Yorkers are rude and generally unhappy people. Now think about how being raised in a colder climate of New York may be contributing to the image.

Bottom line here, the study's finding showed that any effect of climate on personality on U.S. study participants was small, like 4% small. In short, the study also looked at humidity and wind speed, but those seemed to have no effect on personality.

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