About this time when we don't have snow on the ground we start to get a little worried and forget that we live in Central New York. We forget to look at history and the odds of a white Christmas start to get better even with 50 degree days in late Fall.

We forget that Upstate New York already has among the highest odds in the country for a white Christmas. This year our chances may be even better than usual.

Meteorologists are predicting a period a series of weather systems that rapidly shift our temperatures and likely bring in some snow. Chances are good for lake effect snow in the Tug Hill area and in Western New York later this week and while the weather pattern turns slightly warmer later in the month it will still be cold enough to keep any snow that's already fallen and to generate some more snow.

The bottom line is odds of a White Christmas in Upstate New York are looking pretty good as cold air returns.

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