Anyone that cuts their own lawn I'm sure would like a few suggestions to make the job easier or have the result at least look as good as it can.

Why do a tune-up? Pretty simple, a tuned lawn mower will cut emissions by 50% That's pretty dramatic considering how many mowers are probably not really tuned up week.

Don't scalp your lawn, it looks terrible and it really hurts your lawn. A good rule of thumb is do not remove any more than one-third of the grass leaf. You should try to keep at least 3 days between cuttings. Try to avoid cutting when it's dark or wet.

I'm sure you have heard that you should mow your lawn in different directions with each mowing. Altering directions ensures a more even cut as since grass blades will grow more erect and less likely to develop a set pattern.

Don't forget to change any gas left in the mower from last season start fresh with new gas.

Change the oil in the mower at least once during the cutting season.

This year be sure to use fuel stabilizer in the leftover gas, Happy mowing!

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