So, you're faced with another summer of lawn mowing in Utica, Rome, Syracuse--wherever in Central New York--and you're wondering: How can I make this job easier? How can I spice it up? Or kick it up a notch?

There are all sorts of lawnmower and grass-cutting hacks you can try to troubleshoot problem areas with your lawn, make the most efficient use of your time, or make your life easier. These tricks run the gamut from techniques to equipment maintenance to one spectacular hack that is guaranteed to entertain.

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7 Ways to Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Lawn

  1. Spray vegetable oil on your mower’s blades to prevent clumping
  2. If your property has a slope, try to avoid the up and down mowing and keep your mowers riding ACROSS a hill
  3. Adjust the mowing deck, so you cut only the top THIRD of the grass
  4. Avoid mowing between noon and 5PM, as the sun is at its most powerful, and it's more stressful on your grass
  5. Do not mow when your lawn is wet, because it's tough on the mower's blades
  6. Mowing in circles can be beneficial for the mulching process
  7. If you have a push-mower, you can even have it mow FOR YOU, while you relax with a refreshing beverage. Check out this video:

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