If you're doing this while mowing your lawn, you could be breaking the law and putting commuters at risk of an accident.

We asked:  Is it illegal to blow your grass clippings into the road, on the sidewalk or your neighbor's lawn and the answer is YES, it's unlawful, and ordinances against it are in place in most cities and counties across NYS.

Keep in mind that it not only looks bad, but grass clippings in the road are a hazard to those riding bicycles and motorcycles. The cut grass makes it similar to riding on a sheet of ice, and the conditions are even worse if they're wet and YOU could be liable for causing injuries or an accident due to your actions.

Virginia Ludden of the Utica Codes Department answered out questions this way:

Excessive amounts of grass clippings left on walks or street would need to be addressed under various sections of the Solid Waste Ordinance:

    • CO 2-22-36 – Keeping premises clean (can be cited for curbside trash)
    • CO 2-22-31 – Littering prohibited (can be cited for curbside trash)
    • CO 2-22-10 – Sidewalks clean

City Ordinances can be viewed on the City of Utica website, specifically Chapter 2-22 Solid Waste Regulations.

What are the fines or penalties issued?

The owner of the property is notified either by Grass Letters, Notice and Orders, Abatements, Tags left on the property and/or Appearance Tickets. Fines are dictated by the judges in court.

Jeffrey Lanigan - Public Information Officer at Rome PD has this to say:

This is a violation of Rome City Code 58-43b. The law is as follows; Depositing leaves on street or right-of-way. Every owner or occupant of any house, building or vacant lot adjoining a street or alley which is paved shall not deposit any leaves, sticks or other such matter in the street nor shall such owner or occupant pile leaves on any city right-of-way adjacent to such street.

It would be a ticket returnable in Rome City Court and eventually, I’m sure there would be a fine imposed as a penalty.

So, the bottom line is "keep your grass clippings to yourself," or you could be fined or worse. 

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