85-year-old Gordon Blakeslee wanted his lawnmower back after it was stolen. So he went to the media for help.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Gordon to leave his home in Harpursville for a period of time to quarantine with some family members.  While he was gone, his lawn mower was stolen.

"That was something that was precious to him, everything that he has, has value to him," Candace Blakeslee, Gordon's daughter-in-law, told WBNG. "If it's not broken, it doesn't need to be repaired or replaced."

"I want it back," said Gordon. "I used to work out here, when my wife was alive, I used to work out there all day long."

Gordon told WBNG mowing the lawn isn't a chore for him, it's provides a sense of normalcy. That's why he wanted it back so badly, it is a crucial part of his weekly lifestyle.

After a day of the story making the rounds on social media, and over thousands of shares later, an anonymous angel gifted Gordon with brand new riding lawn mower.

The new mower, but same model of the one stolen, was dropped off to him by the Broome County Sheriff's Office Wednesday morning.

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