This life-saving gear for pets is FREE to ALL Fire Departments in CNY. Is your fire department equipped?

Industry sources estimate 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires. Most succumb to smoke inhalation. In most states, emergency responders lack the equipment to resuscitate and save pets.

Pets have a better chance of surviving a fire with specially made oxygen masks that are free to fire departments all over the country. Each mask kit contains three re-usable masks that are sized especially for small animals, including cats, small dogs, animals with short snouts such as ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds as well as medium-sized animals that are 20 to 25 pounds, and large domestic animals such as dogs weighing 50 pounds or more.

Invisible Fence

The Oriskany Fire Department has received their donation and told WKTV that it will help save more pet's lives. "This gives us the ability to put 100% oxygen for the animal, and it's just like for a human, if you have smoke inhalation, the first thing you got to do is give people more oxygen because its damaging to the lungs same thing for the animal," said Jeff Burkhart, Oriskany Fire Chief. [WKTV]

Invisible Fence

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the information form. 
  • Each kit includes a small, medium and large mask.
  • Pay it forward.
  • Rescuers are encouraged to use the kits and share your success stories.
  • Let pet owners know that their Fire Department is now equipped to help save their pets’ lives.
Invisible Fence

The donation is part of Invisible Fence Brand’s Project Breath, which aims to equip every fire station in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. with pet oxygen masks.