The lip sync challenge with first responders singing and shaking their booty continues to break the internet, and Central New York has joined in on the fun.

A national lip sync challenge has firefighters. police officers, EMS, and others on the front lines having fun with the equipment they use every day. We're proud to report a group of Cicero firefighters accepted the lip sync challenge this past weekend. The firefighters danced and sang to the Backstreet Boys 'Everybody' (Backstreet's Back). Starring in the video is:

  • Sargent Steve Schlie
  • Sargent Andrew Sager
  • Firefighter John Briggs
  • Firefighter John Cowell

Cicero FD is calling out and challenging Clay, North Syracuse, and Syracuse fire departments, and Syracuse police to the

DominiqueCranfield via YouTube
DominiqueCranfield via YouTube

An EMS1 post shows fire department submissions are going viral. Millions of people are watching the battles and sharing the videos.

We want more CNY first responders to submit a video for the national lip sync battle. Who's up for the challenge? Rome? Utica? Anyone?

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