Have you seen the two happy 'Shamrock Women' outside of the Saratoga Race Track? The ones that are topless with green body paint? No wonder attendance is at an all time high. 

The girls go by the names of Sara and Alice, and they tell the Daily Gazette that they're trying to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The topless ladies do have body paint in the shape of shamrocks on their, you know, (nipples). The kicker is they're not breaking any city laws. Yes, Sara and Alice are protected under both New York State Law and Saratoga City Code.

Soooo,  can you imagine the controversy over this? The young twenty somethings have no problem stopping for a photo. Some older men wait in line to meet the ladies (they told their wives they were placing a bet). A few people walk by looking straight ahead. Others say 'put a shirt on!

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Bonus Video:

[Informatiom from DailyGazette.com and NewYorkUpstate.com]

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