Sad news coming out of Saratoga. 2 more race horses have died bringing the total of horse deaths to 4 in the first 8 days of racing and 6 deaths for the year. 

Why are thoroughbreds dying at the Saragoa Race Course in the very first week of their 149th season?

The Gaming Commission tells WNYT that five of the deaths were due to fractured legs and the horses were euthanized. One death is thought to be a cardiovascular collapse during a race.

The New York Gaming Commission tells the Times Union that in 2015, 13 horses died at Saratoga. In 2014, 14 horses died. And in 2013, the number was 10. These include horses racing and in training.

The Gaming Commission investigates every equine fatality and doesn't feel the 6 deaths are heat related. It could be pre-existing injuries, training, or track conditions.

The Times Union story points out that that New York State is among the safest for racing in the nation. In New York, one horse out of every 1,000 racing starts results in death. Nationally, it's 2.1 in every 1,000 starts.

In the past few years, animal advocates have been protesting at the Saratoga Race Course due to the racing deaths.

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