Saratoga Race Course has a few, now famous women, standing outside the gate topless attempting to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. 

The gutsy girls, Sara and Alice, offer up photo ops giving their takers a little luck (wink wink, their 'tatas' are green body painted shamrocks). The young twentysomethings are not breaking any laws and are protected under both New York State Law and Saratoga City Code.

As you can imagine, going topless sparked quite a controversy at the track, so we asked you if you if topless women at Vernon Downs in the name of breast cancer would bother you and here are the results.


Although the actual poll says you would not mind the topless women, your messages on Facebook say the opposite. Here's some of the comment we received.

You can still vote and see more comments ~ Just search us out on Facebook to join the conversation.

Bonus Video:

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