Saratoga Spring magician Steven Brundage blew everyone away once again with his Rubik Cube trick during the judges cuts on 'America's Got Talent.' He even had help from guest judge Reba McEntire

Brundage had Reba hold the cube while Heidi Klum chose a card. The magician tore off a corner of the card and asked Reba to lift the Rubik's Cube to see if it was underneath. It wasn't but it was INSIDE one of the cubes.

Despite everyone's amazement at Brundage's trick, the judges shockingly didn't send him through to the live shows and the viewers were NOT happy.

Howie Mandel sent a tweet asking viewers to retweet if they are mad Brundage didn't make it through.

The tweet was retweeted over 1,500 times.

Brundage doesn't seem to be as upset as the viewers. He was just grateful for the opportunity.

Even though Brundage wasn't sent through, doesn't mean he's out of the competition. He could still win the wild card spot just like Leon & Romy did when Howard Stern brought them back in 2013.

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