He's back. Steven Brundage, the Saratoga Springs Rubik's Cube magician returned as a wild card to America's Got Talent and wowed the judges once again.

"Everyone knows me for doing the Rubik's Cube magic but I wanted to make my act just a little bit bigger. So I decided to use a giant Rubik's Cube," Brundage told the audience.

The giant cube was given to Simon Cowell who was told to "guard that with your life." Howie Mandel was given a regular sized cube and was asked to mix it up, while Brundage did the same with another cube, behind his back. When both stopped, the cubes matched on all six sides.

If that wasn't amazing enough, Brundage took Mandel's cube that matched the giant one Cowell was holding the entire time.

Brundage's trick turned out better than the stunt Ryan Stock and Amberlynn tried. Amber was suppose to hit a fiery arrow at a target in Ryan's mouth but she missed, hitting him in the throat instead. Luckily Ryan wasn't injured.

America votes for their favorites to move on. We'll find out if Brundage advances tonight , August 3rd at 8pm on NBC.

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