Did Saratoga Springs' Steven Brundage make it back on to 'America's Got Talent?' The Rubik's Cube magician was eliminated during the judges cuts last week, causing outrage among fans. One even started a petition to get Brundage back on the show. Did it work?

The Wild Card acts haven't been announced yet, but the America's Got Talent website shows a list of 36 acts that made it to the live shows, and Steven is one of them.

"I want to say thank you to the 2.5K+ of you that signed the petition. If it weren't for you all, it would of been less likely that Steven would of gotten a second chance," writes Jonas of Pennsylvania who created the petition.

Brundage even got some love from Rubik's Cube to #BringStevenBack.

Watch Brundage wow America, with the help of Reba McEntire and get ready for his next trick when the live rounds begin next Tuesday, July 26th on NBC.

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