THIS IS NOT A JOKE, is it? A Saratoga Bar serving Cuomo Chips received a call from the NYS Liquor Authority saying you need to add a side of salsa to be compliant to the new alcohol rule.

Harvey's Restaurant and Bar in Saratoga Springs attempted to get around the new alcohol rule in New York State put in place by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday, July 16, 2020.

Cuomo said customers would only be allowed to order and consume their drinks while seated at least 6 feet apart, at the same time, he also pulled the plug on all walk-up bars, the new rule went into effect on Friday, July 17, 2020

Struggling bar businesses were taken by surprise and are doing their best to get around the new set back. A Saratoga Springs bar, Harvey's Restaurant and Bar, has received a lot of attention with his $1.00 Cuomo Chips.


On Friday, July 17, 2020, Bagley released this statement on his Facebook page:

"Hey, folks. We've received a lot of attention in the And we just want to clarify some things here moving forward.
At no point has this business been lacking in compliance. We feel very strongly here that we have an obligation to do our utmost to protect our guests and our staff.
And if you've been here- there is no question as to our dedication to that effect.
In regards to our "Cuomo Chips"- there's a constant rule in this industry...
Religion and politics have no place in a bar/ restaurant.
While the sudden regulations imposed on businesses are difficult to work with- it is our responsibility to work within the confines of these decisions. And if possible- with some levity. Please don't assume we're taking a political stance here. Our only concern- is the well being of our guests and the livelihood of our staff.
In addition to the chips- we're also offering fine flatbreads with field greens, roasted beets, and goat cheese. Both for only $1."

So now, it looks like your favorite corner bar has to have an inexpensive appetizer or snack menu to try to stay in business. We hope they don't forget that 'salsa' makes all the difference.

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