Great news for those who like crossing the border up in Alex Bay, or the Niagara Falls region. Canada is lifting all of its remaining Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announced that starting Saturday, October 1st, Canada will stop requiring people entering the country to be vaccinated against COVID 19, and the requirement to wear masks on planes and trains will come to an end.

Airports will also no longer conduct random testing for the coronavirus and unvaccinated non-citizens can cross the border, including NBA, NHL and MLB players who were previously not allowed to play in Canada." adds that more than 90% of Canadians over the age of 12 have received Covid vaccines. Canada has also recently approved a Moderna Covid booster shot.

According to USA Today, in addition to dropping vaccine, testing and quarantine rules, travelers to Canada will no longer need to monitor for or report COVID symptoms after arriving:

Travelers will not face health checks for travel by air or rail, and masks will not be required on planes or trains, though they are still encouraged to wear "high quality and well-fitted masks" throughout their trip"

Even though restrictions are being removed, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is currently saying as of 9/26/2022, Canada has a "high" COVID-19 level and warns people to be up to date with their vaccines before entering the country.

Canada saw 18,718 new COVID cases over the past week, and 223 new deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University & Medicine."

We will keep you updated if this changes.

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