For over sixty years, the Rolling Stones have been writing and recording music.

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The World's Greatest Rock N Roll band is no stranger to hits. As the 90s came to a close, the Stones would be back in record stores with 1997's Bridges To Babylon.

This was an album written in various parts by the members as individuals before coming together and working together on the ideas. One of those ideas was a song called "Anybody Seen My Baby".

Allegedly similar to the title of a song late Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones recorded before his death, the song finds Mick Jagger lamenting on a woman who has vanished from his grasp. I feel like a person of Jagger's reputation probably didn't deal with this often.

So what of New York then?

The middle of the song finds a sample from late rapper Biz Markie's song "A One Two" which shouts out various locations.

We came to rock for Brooklyn
And Queens
And Manhattan
And the Bronx
And Staten Island
I can't forget New Jersey
And Long Island
And all over the world
We came to rock for everybody, uh, like this

When the time came to create the video, a then unknown Angelina Jolie was cast as a stripper who walks out of her job and walks the streets of New York City.

The song went to number one on the Canada Top Singles chart. For a band who was 35 years into their career at the time, this was a huge accomplishment. New York had always been good to the Stones. Now it was good for them.

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