The Rolling Stones have never hidden their love affair with New York.

From songs like "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" and "Anybody Seen My Baby", the World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band has often incorporated themes from New York in their music. Sometimes it was the darker side of things like in "Shattered" and other times it was a celebration.

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So it should come as no shock to see Mick and company releasing yet another show from the Empire State for public consumption.

Their latest album Hackney Diamonds has been out since October 20. They celebrated the release of that album with a special show at Racket NYC and a seven song live set the night before.

The songs played were:

1. Shattered
2. Angry
3. Whole Wide World
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Bite My Head Off
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
7. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga)


Yes, New Yorker Lady Gaga was indeed there in person to play with the group.

And now, January 19 sees the release of Hackney Diamonds 2CD Live Edition. The entire show from Racket NYC will be available for the first time in audio form. This celebration of the first new album from the band in 18 years has finally been immortalized. This is an exciting new release and I for one am ready to buy this great album one more time. Throw a tongue on it, and I will buy it.

The Stones seem to know what we all do.

There is nothing like a New York crowd.



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